Car body repair Southampton

Car Body Repair Southampton

Do you need car body repair in Southampton?

At our Southampton body shop we offer professional body work repairs from our team of experienced and knowledgeable experts.

We are able to repair all kinds of bodywork issues and have your car looking as good as new with a quick turn around and a high quality finish. We have been repairing cars here at E&J Jarvis for over 70 years and know exactly how to deal with anything that comes are way no matter how big or small.

We are able to fix and repair small dents, dings and bumps in your vehicles as well as deep scratches that a machine polish isn't able to fix. If it's the case that your bodywork is damaged beyond repair we are able to replace the part in most instances with minimum hassle.

Why Choose E&J Jarvis as your car body repair shop?

One of the main reasons to use our Southampton body shop over the big dealerships is that we are on your side. Whilst most places will look to cost in an entirely new part, we are often able to source and refurbish a second hand panel saving you a lot of money on the repair bill.

If you've been in an accident it is important to remember that you have the right to choose your repairer and do not have to use the first repair shop your insurance company suggests. We regularly deal with insurance companies and can deal with them on your behalf if necessary, letting you focus on getting back on the road.



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