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Restore that new car feeling and love driving your car again!

We offer a variety of options when it comes to keeping your car looking fresh, Our expert detailing team are able to transform your car completely from used and tired to sparkling.  Here's a break down of the services we offer.


The mini detailing package *just £20 with a service*

Starting from just £45 for a small car, our mini valet service will leave your car looking great and feeling refreshed and includes.

  • Interior - A vacuum of the entire interior of your vehicle including the side pockets, around the seats and other hard to get to areas, as well as the boot if it's empty. We ask that the vehicle is as clear as can be to ensure the best service possible.
  • Dash & trim - We clean and buff all interior plastics and trim as well as the clocks, side panels and other instruments, we also apply air freshener to the vehicle.
  • Windows - We leave the windows looking refreshed by removing all debris, finger prints and other marks.
  • Exterior - The exterior of the vehicle is treated to a full wash and rinse leaving the bodywork fresh and ready for us to apply a coat of wax.
  • Wheels - The wheels are cleaned with wheel cleaner & any brake dust/dirt is removed, we also add a layer of tyre shine.


The full detailing package

With the full detailing package you have everything that's included in the mini package as well as some more specialised services.

  •  Interior -  Shampoo the seats, matts, and carpet as well as cleaning the headlining.  
  •  Leather - If your vehicle has a leather interior we apply leather cleaner to the seats and trim, taking years off its appearance.
  •  Metal work - Any metal trim will be professionally polished to a high shine.
  •  Wax coating - We apply a protective wax coating, protecting the bodywork from the elements and making future washes easier.


The specialist services

We are proud to be able to offer a range of specialist services when it comes to detailing, including one and two stage machine polishes.

  • Swirl marks - We are able to remove swirl marks that may have appeared from previous incorrect washing techniques such as using a towel on an already dusty car or using old sponges containing grit and debri.
  • Light scratches - We are able to remove light scratches from the surface of your paintwork
  • Bird soiling's - Bird soiling can cause damage to the lacquer on most paintwork, luckily we are able to correct this for you.
  • Paint correction - We can remove unwanted surface elements from bodywork that hazes, dulls or oxidizes otherwise flawless paint, This technique can leave your vehicle looking factory fresh with a flawless finish.


Why us?

With so many hand car washes about, we try to be a little different here at E & J Jarvis. We don't just wash cars, We rejuvanate them. We take extra care when dealing with the bodywork and interior of the car, Our detailing team have extensive experience working on all sorts of cars from your everyday run about to high end sports cars. We use only high quality products and professional techniques to prevent the swirl marks and scratches you see from some less experienced valets or harsh automatic car washes.


Price structure:

Our prices start from £45, prices can vary depending on the condition of your vehicle;

Small: £45 for a mini detail, £65 for a full detail - We classify a small car as a smart car, mini or similar size city car.

Medium: £55 for a mini detail, £75 for a full detail  - We classify a medium sized car as a standard 5 seater saloon or hatchback.

Large: £60 for a mini detail, £80 for full detail - We classify a large vehicle as a 4x4, 7 seater car or bigger.

Specialist services: Our services start from £125 but will depend based on a variety of factors and amount of work done

What effects our prices: Vehicles that are particularly filthy, have excessive tar, sap or dirt or have a very dirty interior may cost more to clean due to taking us longer to complete the task.

How can you help us? 

To give us the best chance at making your car shine, we ask that the vehicle (including the boot) is kept as empty as possible and that any important items are removed beforehand as a cluttered car can prevent us accessing certain areas and take much longer to deal with. We also ask that care is taken to remove any important items, especially those of a sentimental value to prevent any accidental loss.









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