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Part exchange your used car in Southampton.

When it's time to change cars most people opt to part exchange their old model. This is a great way to dispose of your old vehicle hassle free whilst also saving some money on your new one.

When a customer comes to us with a part exchange request it is our job to accurately appraise the vehicle so that a fair value is given for it. To do this we will need to take into account a few key points of interest which we will explain below.


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The base value of your used car.

In car sales there are two prices, the trade price and the retail price. When you are selling your car to a dealer you will be offered close to the trade value of your vehicle. To determine this base value we will use industry recognized valuation tools.

Part exchange service history

The service history of your used car.

One of the most important things in maintaining your cars value is a good service history from a reputable garage. If we can see that a car has been well looked after and serviced appropriately we will be able to offer a better trade in price for your old car. This doesn't just mean routine servicing but extends to the bigger jobs like cam belts & clutches. 

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The age and mileage of your used car.

While not everyone understands the mechanical side of vehicle ownership, age and mileage are easy concepts to understand. The newer your car is the more money it will be worth when it comes to part exchange. Likewise, a car with lower than average mileage will always be more attractive than one that's been around the clocks twice. Age and mileage are a big factor in your part exchange offer.

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The bodywork of your used car

When we are considering the value of a used car we will make sure to take a look at the bodywork. The odd scratch or small dent aren't usually an issue however bigger dents will bring your part exchange price down. We will always be fair when carrying out these checks and won't expect your part exchange to be in showroom condition.


Part exchange BMW 4

The road test of your used car.

We will always take your part exchange car on a quick test drive to make sure that there aren't any hidden mechanical issues. This usually wont take longer the 15 minutes and just means we can be more confident in our valuation and offer.

Part exchange BMW 5

The final offer for your used car.

With our valuations complete we will present you with a final offer for your vehicle. If you accept the offer we will take the value off of the price of your new car and sort everything out in one go. We will sign the car into our possession leaving you with nothing else to do aside from enjoying your new car!


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