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We’ll Find You Your Next Car

How does it work?

We can find your next car from anywhere in the UK.

Tell us what you're looking for and we'll find it, run the history checks, transport it back to our garage, provide our comprehensive inspection and safety checks, give it a service and give the car a full interior/exterior valet.

We'll even take care of the registration and tax, so it'll be ready for you to drive away.


The initial contact

We begin by talking to you and finding out exactly what sort of vehicle you're after and how much you can afford to spend. We note down any preferences that you may have including engine size, fuel type and specification and get to work looking for your next car.

The search begins

We start by looking through our huge network of auction houses to narrow down the search and find cars that we think you may be interested in. We will send you a few photos and specifications, run the relevant checks and advise on the next move.

Hammer time

Once we have the car that you want, we will do our best to procure the car on your behalf. We will use our experience to get the car at the best possible price while keeping in line with your budget. If we are successful, we will advise you that we have found your next car. 

Bringing it home

Once we have the vehicle, we will arrange collection and bring the car back to our workshop. We will give the car a comprehensive pre delivery inspection and make sure that the car is serviced if necessary and given 12 months MOT.

Let it shine

With everything else complete we hand the car over to our detailing team who will make sure that the car comes to you in as good a shape as possible. We will treat the vehicle to our full interior and exterior detail and if needed machine polish the bodywork.

Off you go

The only thing to do now is collect your vehicle from our garage at a time that suits you, we can even deliver locally if required.


If this sounds like a service you could benefit from, let us know via email, telephone or even social media.


buy to order cars

Above is a few examples of cars that we have previously found for our customers.








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