About Us

Our Journey began in 1947 Post-war Southampton from a tin-covered shed in St Denys from which our founder, Eddie Jarvis, was able to build up a strong reputation while providing for his wife and two boys. Eddie was a proper mechanic and engineer who excelled not only in his craft but also in his relationship with his many customers. Eddie took a genuine concern for his customer well-being and that ethos has followed us ever since.
With the inclusion of John Jarvis to the company in approximately 1963 a partnership was formed. John had spent his years prior completing his practical, sensible, and extremely thorough apprenticeship at Wadham Brothers in Southampton.

  • 62 to 64 Onslow Road Pre 1974 Demolition
  • Garage Exterior Close Up 1974 
  • Garage Exterior 1974
  • Garage Exterior Post 1974

In 1969 Company founder Eddie Jarvis passed away after a battle with ill health. It was during this time that E&J Jarvis Ltd moved to our current site at 66 Onslow Road. This prompted John’s brother, Peter, then working as an insurance clerk at General Accident to join the firm. There followed 40 years of hard work investing in and expanding the company and its product to what we see today which is an MOT and service centre, body shop & used car dealership. E&J Jarvis' philosophy is that of mechanical engineering training, car sales supply, advice, and exchange as well as the extremely long-standing relationship we continue to enjoy with our 2nd & 3rd generation client list.

L,R Peter and John Jarvis outside the Garage in 1974

In 1992 John’s son Ian, who had served his mechanical apprenticeship with Ford Motor Company and progressed to IMI management qualification, joined the company. From this point, a smooth transition of Peter’s retirement saw Ian Jarvis become a company director.
Ian Jarvis, furthest right with his two brothers

E&J Jarvis has had over 55 workshop apprentices and multiple car sales apprentices over its long history, many of whom have gone on to be very successful in the Southampton region.
E&J Jarvis Ltd continues to provide service support to its established members whilst also maintaining a healthy continuance of the new client base it forever strives for.

We thank all our Past and Present customers, and we look forward to welcoming our future customers to our family.
It is important to us that you know that we will always strive to deliver excellence to you on all levels of service, and we expect to exceed your expectations.

We have built a highly regarded reputation over the last 75 years, and with your help we will continue to build on that moving forward.

Thank you,

The Jarvis Family & All Members of the Staff

Where it all began:

  • Main building pre stripping late 60s/early 70s


  • Main building looking through to Onslow road mid stripping


  • Main building after being stripped back in 1970



  • Old sign on the side of 62 Onslow Road, uncovered during demolition


  • Rear of 63 Onslow Road Pre 1974


Where we are now:

  • A retro recreation of the garage in the 90s


  • The garage in 2020


  • A pair of classic cars outside the garage in 2020


  • A trio of Ford Fiesta outside the garage 2022


  • The garage December 2022

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