Air Conditioning Re-gas and Repairs

Air Conditioning Re-Gas and Repairs in Southampton

We offer a full recharging service for your air conditioning while you wait at our workshop in Southampton.

Air conditioning systems use gas to turn hot air into that ice-cold breeze that we all love. Over time it's normal for these gasses to naturally deplete which in turn reduces the effectiveness of the air conditioning system. When these gasses deplete you will find that the air coming out of your vents is no longer blowing cold, this means it's time to recharge.

In some cases a simple recharge won't fix the problem and repairs or replacement parts may be needed. If this is the case we are able to carry out the work ourselves in our Southampton based repair centre and have your car producing ice-cold air in no time at all! We will always tell you beforehand if we suspect that your air con needs further repair work and won't start anything without your approval.


Air conditioning: frequently asked questions

How often should my air conditioning be inspected?

It is recommended that your air con is inspected at least once every two years. This ensures that the gasses are constantly topped up and that any problems are found and diagnosed before they become more serious.

Why are there two prices for an air con recharge?

There are two different prices for our air conditioning recharge service to reflect the two types of gas used in cars.

Our prices are £49.99 for R134a rising to £99.99 for R1234YF.

Most modern cars are likely to use R1234YF gas which is more environmentally friendly than the older R134a gas. 

We are able to tell you which type of gas your car requires over the phone simply by taking your registration number.

Should I worry about my air con in the winter months?

YES! While your air conditioning certainly gets put to good use in the summer, it's often left alone for months at a time over the winter period. We recommended running your air-con for at least 10 minutes once a month to keep the system in good health.

The air-con system contains both refrigerant and oil and it's good practice to keep these fluids flowing in order to lubricate the system. This is basic air con maintenance and will help to prevent the system's components from either seizing or perishing through inactivity.

Also, keep in mind that the air-con system comes in very handy during the winter months by helping to reduce moisture and clear steamed-up windows.

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