Engine Management Fault Diagnostics Southampton 

Get to the route of the problem with a full car diagnostic check from £90.

We can perform any car diagnostic checks that you may require, whether it is that annoying service light on the dashboard or an annual check to make sure your engine is running to its maximum potential.

Car diagnostic tests are used to determine whatrepairs are required to ensure a vehicle operates properly. On newer model vehicles, an onboard diagnostics computer interface is used in conjunction with diagnostic tools and software to help our mechanics identify any problems.

All modern cars are now fitted with an engine control unit (ECU). This unit is connected to various sensors within your vehicle which will trigger a dashboard warning light if there is a problem. If you get a warning light on your dash it’s important to get it assessed as soon as you can.

When you visit us for a car diagnostic check, we’ll link your car up with the relevant diagnostic machine and begin to test for faults. Our technicians are trained to understand the hundreds of fault codes the machine can find, so you can be sure we’ll find the problem.

Once we understand what the fault is, we’ll provide you with a quote to get the problem sorted and anyrepairs underway. 

We usually advise you to have a car diagnostic check-up if you are worried or concerned about something so that we can sort it out quickly and get you back on the road as soon as possible.

*For most cars, we would recommend a vehicle diagnostic check at least once a year.

*Please note - The price shown is for diagnosing a problem only and does not include the price of repair work.

How long will it take?

Our diagnostic services can take as little as half an hour to perform, although some investigations will take longer than others.

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