Used car buyers guide: Part exchange BTS

The part exchange process is more than just flipping cars...

At E & J Jarvis we often deal with vehicles that have come to us as part of a part exchange deal towards a newer vehicle. While many people may think that part exchange vehicles are put straight onto the forecourt ready for sale, There's actually a lot more to it than that as we will explain in this weeks blog post.

The first thing we do with a vehicle taken as part exchange, as with any vehicle we receive, is carry out a comprehensive inspection of the vehicle to make sure that it's up to our high standards. These checks include things like suspension condition and tyre health as well as looking for any serious defects. Once we've completed our checks, we note down any defects and get to work on putting them right. 

We will then give the car a full service, which includes changing the oil & filter and topping up fluid levels around the car as well as performing a rolling brake test on our rolling brake test machine. Only when the car is serviced to our high standards do we release it from the workshop and send it on to the next phase of it's journey.

With the car now serviced and ready for action, we send it to our experienced detailing team who get to work renovating the cars appearance both inside and out. They start by inspecting the outside condition of the car for any major scratches or paint imperfections, which are normally removed via mopping the paint surface until they're gone. This process is repeated over all effected areas of the vehicle until the paintwork is ready for cleaning.

The detailing team then wash and wax the vehicle, removing any dirt and debris to bring the exterior up to a high shine. The wax finish will also make sure that the paintwork is well protected from the elements and ensure future washes are easier to carry out. When it comes to the inside of the car, we make sure to thoroughly clean the interior and remove signs of previous use wherever possible. This may involve cleaning the leather, removing scuff marks and polishing the trim. The interior is hoovered extensively and old car matts are replaced with fresh ones if necessary. Of course, these are used cars so they will have minor signs of wear and tear visible in line with each cars age.

So, the cars looking fresh and running well, what's next? After we've prepped the car we send it off for a professional photo shoot, which not only draws more attention to our sales posts but also makes sure our customers are able to see the vehicle in full before they decide to come and see it in person. The photos try to cover all angles of the car as well as showing off any unique features that may be of interest. The B-Max we listed recently for example has a unique pillarless sliding door set up which we've made sure to show off. With the photos taken, we list the car for sale on our website as well as advertising it on our social media platforms and begin our quest to find the vehicle a loving new owner.

Part exchange can offer a huge boost towards buying your new car, by paying off the deposit for a finance deal and reducing your monthly payments or taking a chunk out of the cash price for your new used car. On the other side of the coin, buying a car that we've taken in can be an excellent way to find a brilliant, well looked after car without the prices associated with a brand new car.

Our full stock list can be viewed on our website and is always changing, so have a look - you might see something you like.

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